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  1. The protection of personal data of a purchaser who is an individual (natural person) is ensured pursuant to act number 101/2000 Sb., on personal data protection, as amended.
  2. The purchaser agrees with the processing of the following personal data: first name, last name, home address, identification number, VAT number, e-mail, phone and other data as necessary (hereinafter as “personal data”).
  3. The purchaser agrees with the processing of their personal data by the seller for the purpose of assertion of rights and obligations arising from the purchase contract and for the purpose of maintenance of their user account. Where the purchaser has not selected any other option, they shall be deemed to have granted consent with the sending of commercial information. Consent with the processing of personal data within the whole scope of this article is not a mandatory condition for the conclusion of the purchase contract.
  4. The purchaser agrees that they are obliged to provide accurate data (for the purpose of registration, in their user account settings, when placing orders via the on-line interface) and to inform the seller without an undue delay about any change in this personal data.
  5. The seller may hire a third person as a processor of the personal data of the purchaser. In addition to persons actually delivering the goods, the purchaser’s personal data will not be provided to any third person.
  6. Personal data will be processed for an indefinite period. Personal data will be processed electronically or in printed, non-automated form.
  7. The purchaser confirms that the personal data that they have provided is accurate; they also confirm that they have been instructed that they have provided the personal data voluntarily.
  8. Where the purchaser has reason to believe that the controller or processor (Clause 9.5) is processing their personal data in violation of the principles of the protection of the personal and private life of the purchaser or in violation of the applicable law, especially where the personal data is inaccurate considering the purpose of processing, the purchaser may:
    1. request clarification from the seller or processor;
    2. request remedy of the situation from the seller or processor.
  9. Where the purchaser has requested information regarding the processing of their personal data, the seller is obliged to provide it. The seller is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the provision of the information pursuant to the previous sentence, the fee for which shall not exceed the costs incurred with the procedure.